All organisations have their Heroes and Heroines - those who make the whole thing tick, those who go the extra mile, those who make the difference. Whether employee, volunteer or player, their efforts are recognised and applauded by their peers because they add so much more to further the common cause.

At Richmond Rugby we're fortunate to have several of these paragons. Some are players, some are part of the backroom team, but all have done their job and more.

Here are a few of them, just click on the name for more details:

Alice Richardson   Steve Hill aka 'Richmond Hill'   Will Warden   The Richmond 'Way'
Andy Quigley   Steve Hill's 2014/15 Season Expectations   'Lest we Forget'   John Heaton - A Good Bet 
Mel Deane   Tim Walford   John Davidson - 'JD'   Tony Gadsby Peet - 'TGP'
Chris Davies - 150   Top Mark   Abi Chamberlain    
        Thanks to Rugby World for Abi's article. Click here for their website or @rugbyworldmag
The Championship Adventure        
Cameron Mitchell        


Players who have achieved 100 Caps since our return to the Leagues in 2000      
2006-2007   2007-2008   2008-2009   2009-2010   2010-2011
Rupert Allhusen   Matt Brown   Martin Bolton   Matt Hart   Tom George
Stewart Barlow   Owen Gregory   Neil Piggot   Tristan Wesley    
Andy Cuthbert   Alex Maclennan   Paul Wilson        
Ross Evans                
Henry Head                
 2012-2013   2013-2014   2014-2015   2015-2016
Luke Cousins   Danny Parkinson   Will Browne   Will Warden    
Tom Gregory   Chris Davies   Jason Phipps   Tim Walford
            Ali Lyon    



1861 - 1863  E. H. Ash 1938 - 1939 C.D. Laborde
1863 - 1866  E. Morres 1939 - 1944 WORLD WAR II
1866 - 1871  E.C. Holmes 1945 - 1946 C.D. Laborde
1871 - 1873  C.D. Heatly 1946 - 1947 C.M. Squire
1873 - 1874 C.D. Heatly 1947 - 1949 L.E. Grose
  The Hon H. A. Lawrence* 1949 - 1953 P.W. Kininmonth*
1874 - 1875 The Hon H. A. Lawrence* 1953 - 1954 N.M. Hall*
1875 - 1879  F.R. Adams* 1954 - 1956 J.M Williams*
1879 - 1880 F.R. Adams* 1956 - 1957 R.C.P. Allaway
  E. Temple Gurdon*   P.H. Ryan*
1880 - 1888  E. Temple Gurdon* 1957 - 1958 P.H. Ryan*
1888 - 1889 W.G. Clibborn* 1958 - 1959 M.E. Wates
1889 - 1890 W.G. Clibborn* 1959 - 1960 B.M. Gray
  F.C. Cousins 1960 - 1962 W.C.O. Munks
1890 - 1891 F.C. Cousins 1962 - 1963 M.E. Wates
1891 - 1892 W.G. Mitchell*   G. Windsor-Lewis*
1892 - 1896 W.E. Bromet* 1963 - 1965 S.P. Smith*
1896 - 1897 C.A. Hooper* 1965 - 1966 P.F.G. Charteris
1897 - 1898 H.W. Dudgeon*   F.T.A. Hole
1898 - 1899 A. Rotherham* 1966 - 1967 B.M.  Stoneman
1899 - 1901 R.O. Schwartz* 1967 - 1968 L.G. Cormack
1901 - 1903 J. Daniell* 1968 - 1969 E.W. Preece
1903 - 1905 F.M. Stout* 1969 - 1970 C.J. Allan
1905 - 1906 H. Alexander* 1970 - 1971 P.A. Kitchin
1906 - 1907 R.E. Godfray* 1971 - 1972 S.J.B. James
1907 - 1908 H.F.P. Hearson 1973 - 1974 A.L. Bucknall*
1908 - 1909 W.C. Wilson* 1974 - 1976 C.W. Ralston*
1909 - 1911 G.C. Wilson 1976 - 1979 I.R. Shackleton*
1911 - 1912 D.F. Smith* 1979 - 1981 M.H. Hess
1912 - 1914 H.G. Oglethorpe 1981 - 1983 C.H. Sharp
1914 - 1918 THE GREAT WAR 1983 - 1986 M.R. Slagter
1919 - 1920 G.C. Ainsworth 1986 - 1987 A. Hampel
1920 - 1922 H. Millet* 1987 - 1989 J. Cullen
1922 - 1924 P.H. Lawless 1989 - 1990 D. Cooper
1924 - 1926 R.H. O’Brien 1990 - 1991 M. Hancock
1926 - 1928 F.W.R. Douglas 1991 - 1993 K.G. Boroevich*
1928 - 1929 F.W.R. Douglas 1994 - 1995 C. Hornung
  D. Turquand-Young* 1995 - 1996 M. Hutton
1929 - 1930 D. Turquand-Young* 1996 - 1999 B. Clarke*
1930 - 1931 C.P.M. Green 1999 - 2005 A.S.J. Cuthbert
1931 - 1935 C.R. Hopwood 2005 - 2006 D. Taberner
1935 - 1936 M.F. Peacock 2006 - 2009 M. Hart
1936 - 1937 M. F. Peacock 2009 - 2010 H. J. Head
P. Cranmer* 2010 - 2012 T. George
1937 - 1938 J. Megaw*                          2013 -  W. Warden
    * Internationals


F.R. Adams   A.B. Finlay S G.V.Palmer  
J.L.F. Allan S G. Fraser   A. Pichot Arg
E.P Alexander W H.P. Gardner   M. Pini It
H. Alexander   R.E. Godfray   N.J. Preston  
W. Ashford   A.J. Gould W J.C. Quinnell W
A.R. Aslett   W. St. C. Grant S L.S. Quinnell W
T.B. Batchelor   A.G. Guillemard   C. W. Ralston  
A.J. Bateman W C. Gurdon   J. L. Reid I
W.J. Beatty I E.T. Gurdon   S. Reynolds  
T.P. Bedford SA N.M. Hall   S. B. Richards  
B.B. Bennetts   P.S. Hancock   A. D. Roncoroni  
S.H. Biggs W J.H. Henderson S Alan Rotherham  
W.G. Boyd-Morrison III USA S. Hirao Jap Arthur Rotherham  
W.E. Bromet   R.G.S. Hobbs   P. H. Ryan  
T.J. Brooke   W.B. Holmes   A. Saunders Swe
S. Brown   C.A. Hooper   H. J. M. Sayers I
A.L. Bucknall   G.C. Hoyar-Millar S R. O. Schwarz  
W. L. Bunting   F. Jacob   I. R. Shackleton  
H.C. Burton   J.P.A.G. Janion   R. Shaw USA
W.V. Butcher   W.G.A. Johnston S D. F. Smith  
J.W.Cave   G.H. Keeton   S. R. Smith E/Ind
B.S. Chantrill   T.A. Kemp   F. M. Stout  
D. Chapman   P.W. Kininmonth S P. W. Stout  
E.C. Cheston   R.O. Lagden   C. C. Tanner  
B.B. Clarke   A. F. Law   F. N. Tarr  
W.G. Clibborn   Hon H. A. Lawrence   D. E. Teden  
W.V.H. Coates   F. A. Leslie-Jones   V. R. Tindall  
J. Conway-Rees W R. Leyland   D. P. Turner  
P.W. Cook   V. C. Le Fanu I E. B. Turner  
P. Cooke   A. F. C. C. Luxmoore   D. Turquand-Young  
T.Coolican USA R.H. Mangles   H. T. Twynam  
P.W. Cranmer   R. Martin Arg E. Va’a WS
J. Daniell   S.J. Mason I C. H. R. Vanderspar  
J. Davies W J. E. Maxwell-Hyslop   C. L. Verelst  
J.H. Dewhurst   W. G. Mitchell   C. G. Wade  
A.J. Dingle   A. C. McDonnell I M. Walker S
H.W. Dudgeon   J. Megaw I N Walne W
H.J. Enthoven   A. T. Michell   J. I. Ward  
A.M. Evanson   H. McVicker I M. P. Weston  
W.A.D. Evanson   J. A. Middleton   B. Williams W
W.C.T. Eyres   H. Millett   J. M. Williams  
A.R. St. L. Fagan   E. H. Nash   W. C. Wilson  
E. Field   F.H.Palmer   G. Windsor-Lewis W


Claire   Allan England Maureen MacMahon Canada
Berta   Garcia Alonso Spain Rochelle Martin New Zealand
Teresa   Andrews England Dawn Mason Wales
Shannon   Baker England Alexandra Matthews England
Martina   Barbini Italy Fran Matthews England
Vicki   Blakebrough Scotland Kelly McCallum Canada
Natasha   Brennan England Deborah McCormack Scotland
Charlie   Bronks England Ali McGrandles Scotland
Susannah   Brown Scotland Nicola Meston England
Rachel   Burford England Sharon Millar Scotland
Rowena   Burnfield England Deirdre Mills England
Sue   Butler Wales Claire Muir Scotland
Rosa   Calafat Spain Jennifer Murphy Ireland
Clare   Canal France Meghan Mutrie Canada
Lynne   Cantwell Ireland Diane Nixon Ireland
Abigail   Chamberlain England Maria Nordstrom Sweden
Jenny   Chambers England Lisa O’Keefe Scotland
Alison   Christie Scotland Jo O’Sullivan Ireland
Nicola   Coffin England Chris Ovenden Scotland
Victoria   Cornborough England Pogo Paterson Scotland
Tamara   Curtis Canada Jane Pauley England & GB
Enid   Davies Wales Jenny Phillips England
Fiona   Davison England Fiona Pocock England
Heather   Devine Wales Jo Poore England
Jen   Dickson Scotland Julie Potter England
Chris   Diver England Giselle Prangnell England
Debbie   Dorling England Rocio Ramirez Spain
Sue   Dorrington England & GB Anna Richards New Zealand
Lynsey   Douglas Scotland Alice Richardson England
Polly   Edwards Luxembourg Janis Ross England & GB
Becky   Essex England Selena Rudge England
Emily   Feltham England Gail Russell Scotland
Hannah   Fields England Annabel Sargeant Scotland
Karen   Findlay Scotland Veronica Schiavon Italy
Helen   Flippance England Wendy Shaw Wales
Tess   Forsberg Scotland Jennifer Sheerin Scotland
Mary   Forsyth England Jackie Shiels Ireland
Debbie   Francis Eng., Scot, GB Raeltine Shrieves Ireland
Vicky   Galbraith Scotland Helen Siwek Ireland
Elizabeth   Martinez Garcia Spain Terri Siwek England
Maria   Ribera Garcia Spain Jenny Sutton England
Janet   Gedrych Wales & GB Ellfita Tamayeva Kazahkstan
Paula   George Wales Sue Thomas Wales
Alex   Hargreaves                      Australia Michela Tondinelli Italy
Mary   Harrington England Amy Turner England
Pat   Harris England & GB Louise Vaerlien Sweden
Runa   Hattori Japan Barbara Pla Vegue Spain
Clare   Hoppe Ireland Rachel Vickers England
Carol   Isherwood England & GB Anna Van Waveren Holland
Alice   Jenkinson England & GB Kath Vass Scotland
Kathy   Jenn England Joanne Watmore England
Nicki   Jupp England Jayne Watts England & GB
Karen   Jones England Lindsay Wheeler Scotland
Keiko   Kato Japan Lisa Weix USA
Erin   Kerr Scotland Sarah Wenn England
Lizzie   Knowles England Eryka Wessell Ireland
Emma   Layland (Croker) England Sharon Whitehead England
Cecilia   Lundin Sweden Sophie Williams Wales
Rebeka   Lind Sweden Victoria Wiseman Scotland
Beth   MacLeod Scotland Paola Zangirolami Italy