Dear Richmond Member

Please note, in order to enter the ticket draw for any matches you must be a fully paid up single adult/head of family member of the Club for 2017/18 (i.e 1 application only per family), which means that individual Mini and Junior playing members are unable to apply for Twickenham tickets. If your subs are outstanding, regrettably your applications will not be considered.

The RFU have changed the ticket allocation policy from last season. The club receives a finite initial number of tickets for higher category matches at a lower ‘Entitlement Price’ but has the opportunity to buy at a higher ‘Standard Price’ through the ticket exchange. The exchange has been set up to allow clubs to raise funds by selling tickets which they have previously sold at a premium to Licensed Hospitality companies as the latter will now receive tickets directly from the RFU only. Richmond has never sold to Licensed Hospitality companies as we are seldom able to satisfy the demand of members and sponsors. The prices in the email are based on the Standard Price and those allocated tickets at the lower price will receive a refund – £21 for Cat 1, £19 for Cat 2, £16 for Cat 3, £14 for Cat 4 and £11 for Cat 5 per ticket.

With the advent of the ticket exchange last season, the process has become more time consuming than previously and having kept the club admin charge at the same level for 4 years, I have to inform you that this will now be increased from £6 to £8 per ticket. For your information, the RFU allow us to charge up to £10 but we think that is rather too big an increase. This continues to be on a non-refundable basis for all applications.

For the Autumn 2017 series the Club is able to buy as many tickets as we like for England v Argentina on 11th November and England v Samoa on 25th November. Only for England v Australia on 18th November are we restricted to a finite number of tickets at the Entitlement Price as above. However last year we had no difficulty in buying sufficient additional tickets at the Standard Price to satisfy all requests. Consequently I am inviting applications for England v Australia by email only in the expectation that there will be relatively few refunds required - I hope! - and I will ask for bank details at that stage to pay them by BACS.

The deadline for applications for the Autumn matches is 26th July to qualify for tickets at the Entitlement Price. Later applications at the Standard Price will be subject to availability.

During the Autumn, 6 Nations games will become available and, in a departure from previous years, I will ask for applications by email and the deadline will be November 30th. I am increasing the restriction in the number of tickets for which you may apply but initially the ballot is likely to be in pairs and thereafter increasing to 3s and 4s as additional tickets are bought on the ticket exchange. I do not allocate single tickets unless by mutual agreement. Remember that the admin charge is non-refundable. The home matches are as follows:

MATCH 4 – Sat10th February 2018 - England v Wales – KO @ 16:45
MATCH 5 – Sat 17th March 2018 - England v Ireland – KO @ 14:45

A ticket draw then takes place about 3-4 weeks before each match. Refunds are issued to unlucky applicants and those issued lower category tickets than for which they applied. The refunds are paid by BACS after the end of the relevant series in case we are able to make late purchases through the ticket exchange. If you no longer wish to be considered for late allocations, it is important to know, as I will buy as many tickets as possible from the ticket exchange to satisfy demand as additional tickets become available by and by. This avoids the Club being left with tickets for which there are no buyers and you will be expected to honour your application should you not inform me.

Please note that you do not need to send SAE’s anymore.

We prefer to receive payment by internet banking and you are asked to add a reference of the first 3 letters of your surname followed by your membership number (on your membership card, which helps to remind you that you need to be a paid up member) followed by 6NAT e.g. my reference would be GORA49816NAT.
If you need to send a cheque, to assist in keeping the admin time down, please remember that one cheque only should be sent to cover multiple applications. Please don’t send a separate cheque per match. This will also save you and the Club bank charges.

For full Terms & Conditions, download the PDF by clicking here

If you have any queries, please use the e-mail link below, or click this link to the FAQ's PDF page. Finally it has to be said that the RFU ticket allocation to the Club is relatively small and hence we always receive more applications than tickets, so it really is the ‘luck of the draw'. This is particularly true for 6 Nations matches, for which you are restricted to applying for 4 tickets only (2 only last season), other than for Italy. In recent years we have been successful in obtaining additional allocations for the Autumn series and hence you may apply for as many tickets as you would like but you should be aware that, in the event of over-subscription a ballot for a pair of tickets only will be held.

Good Luck.


Andrew Gordon

International Tickets/Debenture Officer
Richmond FC
Twickenham Road
TW9 2SF.

Or, contact me on 07787 795733 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.