This week’s topics:
RFC AGM Report
Players bike ride to Brussels in aid of Seb’s Foundation
Henry Head’s Ultra Marathon in aid of CMV Action

The well-attended RFC AGM took place this week and I am delighted to report that Chris Mills was unanimously re-elected as President and Laura Jenkins (LJ) and Jim Kottler as Club Directors of RFCL.
Many thanks to them all for the hard work they put into their roles which make such a massive contribution to the smooth running of club life.
Our congratulations go to Richard Carswell who was unanimously elected a Vice President.
Richard joined Richmond some 10 years ago and immediately became an avid supporter of the club travelling all over the country with the First XV which earned him the prestigious Supporter of the Year Award in 2014. That was the same year he very nobly took over the Membership Secretary role on Andrew Gordon’s retirement, a position he has held ever since and which he carries out with courteous implacability. We thank him for his efforts which make a substantial contribution to club funds.
The Tony Gadsby Peet Memorial Bowl - various factors conspired to make it not possible to award the TGP Memorial Bowl award at the AGM so we intend to do this on a suitable occasion in the new season.

Succession and new Club structure
As the new club year begins next week we would advise you of the new club structure which comes into play on 1st July:
Peter Moore retires as Group Finance Director and RFCL Chairman. Peter is one of the original ‘Vikings’ who rescued the club after those dark days of administration and has undoubtedly been the guiding financial influence behind its resurrection and the healthy financial situation we enjoy today. Thank you is a totally inadequate word for what he has done in his modest understated way but it is a measure of the man and the vital role he has played that it is taking 2 people to replace him; Simon Jackson, currently a RRL Board Director will take over as Group FD and John Heaton will take over as RFCL Chairman. We wish them the best of luck!
Robert Vallings retires as RRL Chairman and will be succeeded by Nick Preston a current RRL Board Director. Robert is well known to you all already of course and we thank him for his diligent custody of the RRL Chair over the last several years.
Many of you, especially in the playing side and mini and youth sections, will know Carly Chapman the RAA Office Manager and my erstwhile deputy on match days and in the shop. Carly is returning to Australia next month with husband, Chris and son, Will so Chris can take up an exciting new job in Real tennis in Melbourne. Carly has become an integral part of the RAA team and will be greatly missed. We thank her for all her cheerful down to earth hard work over the last 9 years and wish her and her family the very best for the future.
Jen Gadsby Peet – after 27 years I feel it is time to start handing on my various roles and begin my slow withdrawal from the club! So from the 1st July the RFCL Treasurer role will be absorbed by the new Group Finance Team headed up by Simon Jackson as above. My weekly hours will be reduced by 2 days but I will continue my role as RFCL Secretary for 2019/20, and will of course still be in the shop at weekends.
Players bike ride to Brussels in aid of Seb’s Foundation and CRY
Before we take a small summer break please note that 11 current and former players are once again undertaking a bike ride in aid of Seb’s Foundation & Cardiac Risk in the Young.
This year their destination is Brussels and they are aiming to leave on Thursday 8th August.
Click here to visit their Just Giving page to find out more details – and please do donate generously to these extremely worthy causes and in memory of the super lad who had made himself a much loved and integral part of the Richmond family before his tragic death at such a young age in 2016.

Henry Head’s Ultra Marathon in aid of CMV Action
A reminder that former First XV Captain, Henry Head begins his first Ultra Marathon in aid of CMV Action tomorrow and we wish him every success in this daunting challenge. For further details and to donate click here