Richmond are disappointed with the decision of the RFU Board that Yorkshire Carnegie can remain a Championship Club and will be seeking a review of that decision.

Richmond, as an interested party, has been in discussions with the RFU since April and were subsequently invited to make formal representations to the RFU board sub-committee considering the position. These representations were extensive. Richmond believe that Yorkshire Carnegie should be relegated from the Championship and that Richmond (who have remained financially solvent for many years) should be reinstated.

The reality is that Yorkshire Carnegie stand to suffer no sanction whatsoever as any potential points deduction is to all intents and purposes illusory. It arises only if a creditor refuses to sign up to their CVA and all have signed up already. Accordingly, it would appear that despite their dire financial position and the cancellation of contracts of players drafted in to rescue them from likely relegation, Yorkshire Carnegie remain a Championship Club.

Peter Moore, a director of Richmond, said “It cannot be in the best long-term interests of the Game that Clubs can run up debts of over £6m and cancel players’ contracts. We are very disappointed with the RFU decision, which we will ask to be reviewed”.

Pursuant to that process Richmond will be asking for full transparency and, in particular, to see the recommendations together with the written reasons that were made by the sub-committee to the RFU Board.

Peter Moore goes on to say “Despite our extensive submissions, all that we have seen is a brief RFU statement”. Richmond intend to make the application for the RFU’s decision to be reviewed early next week.