Firstly I wanted to thank all those people that have supported me over the past few weeks and months with not only messages but donations too! It really means a lot and makes what I’m attempting seem even greater.

Swimming the Channel is no easy task, over 14+ hours in the water, battling the tidal shifts, avoiding the 500 boats not to mention all those other boats that are now crossing over to Britain from France. If you were in a standard swimming pool doing this the 21 miles would be around 1,400 lengths sometimes even doing 20 lengths is tough for some and trust me with the tides it will be more than 21 miles. And as some will of heard recently, it can take 8hrs to only get 500m off Dover. Thankfully that guy is safe and sound!

Good news is that my nutritionist recently said that I can eat everything now in the build-up and as a prop forward I was delighted to hear this! ​Entering the eating phase of training has been a relief. Training has been hard, beautiful, fun, amusing, tiring but ultimately hugely rewarding. Building towards the Channel has been an amazing lockdown focus and now its time to put it into practice.

The support has been phenomenal from minute one culminating in the fundraising. Any more money that can be raised will be going to two amazing causes so any donations are so appreciated. 

This has been my last week at home before the EPIC swim challenge, training even with lockdown has gone well and whilst I’m nervous about the swim and fully confident that I will do myself proud and all those others that are supporting me and have sponsored me.​Nervous yes but also very excited. Bags are packed (speedos and goggles) and training has been done so ready for the off. I have had amazing support from all corners of my life and some beyond, which I am so grateful for. 

So whatever exercise you’re planning this weekend, I wish you the best and I hope you wish me the best.  

One of my causes is the RHF Defibrillator Fund and it just so happens that my support crew have one on the boat, it's a piece of kit that saves lives and the more fundraising I get the more of these wonders can be put in rugby clubs and communities up and down the country. ​The fact we are carrying a defibrillator on the support boat shows how valid they are. Portable, easy to use a must for any sports club. With the generous donations so far I have already raised enough for six units to be installed, getting to 10 would be extraordinary. It would be the difference between saving six lives a year or 10...

Please follow me, support me and donate if you can. Swimming the Channel isn’t easy but giving is and it’s certainly easier (click here). ​The support I have received so far has been extraordinary and every £1 raised helps these two brilliant causes (RHF Defibrillator Fund and CMV Action). 

Please click here if you can, as every message and donation has given me a little bit more of a push in getting to France. 

Thanks and live coverage and updates will be sent out from my social media links available from my website:

Thank you, 

Rupert Allhusen

Former Richmond Men's First XV player, current Heavy, aiming to become the first ever front-rower to solo swim the channel.