7 reasons why you should play rugby

Richmond Ladies share their top reasons why they choose to play rugby

1.The challenge

Rugby is a mental and physical game that requires a certain grit and determination; being faced with the challenge to defend and prevent a team from scoring or getting that last try for the win is a great way to push your mind and body to the limits.

Libby tackle

2. Friends for life

It may sound cliché, but for many rugby players the bond between your club and team mates is what makes up your extended family. You literally go through blood sweat and tears with these people. It’s not just about the 80 minutes on the pitch, it’s about the social off the pitch as well.

Rugby friendship

3. Being part of something special

Playing team sports like rugby gives you the opportunity to create history through winning titles or pulling off that incredible win against a tough opposition for the first time. Just look at the Ireland women’s team when they won the Six Nations for the first time or when England triumphed at the 2014 World Cup.

Cup winners 2014

4. A chance to stretch the legs and flex those muscles

Simply jogging (or ‘yogging’, it could be a soft j) or going to the gym doesn’t work for everybody if they want to get fit. Put a ball in your hands, add a group of like minded people and some mud and you are away. As a player you can be powerful, but you have to channel it in different ways, whether that’s driving in a scrum or trying to outpace a defender.

Lil Knight

5. Everybody is welcome

No matter what shape or size you may be or where you are from, you can do it. Find your strengths and play to them.

Sophia and pack

6. Build confidence and skills for life

Since picking up a rugby ball, a lot of our players believe they have gained more confidence in themselves and their abilities as well as building their self-esteem. In a rugby team environment you also have the opportunity to develop leadership skills (not always easy with so many different people) as well as teamwork skills – all of which are transferrable into work and everyday life.

1s at Saracens

7. Food…two dinners on a Sunday after a game is acceptable!

For foodies out there this is a clincher. After a tough game you have earned a post match meal on a Sunday at the club, but there is nothing stopping you from having that roast when you get home too! (Submitted by Fi Fletcher)

 Putney Pies

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