Richmond Mini Rugby


How to be a great Rugby Parent?  

K.I.P. - Keep it Positive....use positive language, before, during and after games.

Provide a Water bottle, Snacks, gloves, hat and Base Layers for when it is cold.  A waterproof top for when it is wet.  (Without a zip for those playing contact)

A Mouth Guard for those playing Contact (Tell them to keep it in their Sock when not in use!)

Help them to have clean and dry boots....try ski boot warmers to dry them out....

Help them put their socks on correctly so they don't get blisters.  


How to be a great Coach?

Have a go on a fun and informative RFU Coaching Course!  To find a course

Have a look at this pdf of coaching resources......Click Here


How to be a great Referee? 

Sign up to a Referees Course.....(Level 1 or Level 2)  To find a course

Join ERRA (England Rugby Referees Association)