• Stay calm but act swiftly and observe the situation. Is there danger of further injuries? Stop any training/game taking place around the injured player.

If the player is unresponsive or not breathing:

  • Call for an ambulance immediately. If there is a first aider present then first aid should be administered i.e. CPR if necessary.
  • The physiotherapist on duty should be alerted and someone should be sent to the main gate on the Twickenham Road, A316 to direct the ambulance

If the injured person is responsive:

  • Listen to what the injured person is saying. If in any doubt do not move the injured person.
  • Alert the physiotherapist on duty (in the medical room next to Home changing room in main building) who will take appropriate action.
  •  In the event of an injury requiring specialist treatment the physiotherapist will call the emergency services either from a mobile phone or the ground office/bar phone (020 8940 0397). The physiotherapist will alert the ground staff/manager if necessary.
  •  Ensure that the rest of the group are adequately supervised. 
  • Contact the injured person’s parent/carer.
  • If the injured person is able to walk voluntarily escort them to the medical room where they will be assessed and treated appropriately.
  • Complete an incident/accident report form available from the physiotherapist/age group coach/age group manager and return to club office.

Physiotherapists hours of attendance

  • A physiotherapist will be in attendance at all First XV (both Men and Women), Vikings and Saxons games, both home and away. In addition at First XV (Men) home games a medical ambulance will be in attendance as well as a Club Doctor.
  • A physiotherapist will be on duty in the medical room every Sunday that Mini/Youth training/games take place from 10am until the end of the session/games
  •  In addition each Mini/Youth age group should make best endeavours to have  a designated First Aider in attendance at every training session/game who has obtained a recognized First Aid qualification